Thanks for signing up for Cambridge’s 2017 Jailbreak Event! It’s adventurous and hard-working teams like you that help make this RAG’s biggest single fundraiser of the year.


As nearly everybody who’s been on Jailbreak will tell you, it’s a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will push and reward you in ways you can’t anticipate. Even better, it’s for a good cause!


Last year’s teams raised £15,000 for RAG’s ten charities, with some teams pulling in as much as £3,000 by themselves. We’re keen to smash their record out of the water, but we’ll need your help. Get started with a signup page today!


Jailbreak is, unfortunately, not a holiday, so we ask each team to raise at least £250 and give a £25 deposit per member in case they don’t quite make it. Don’t worry though - we’re here to help!


This year’s Jailbreak coordinators will be offering several information evenings throughout the course of Lent term to give you some pointers on fundraising. We’re also offering a ‘mentor’ system, where we put you in contact with one of last year’s teams so they can offer you any advice they’ve got.


Here are a few things you might want to consider from the get-go to raise as much as possible:

  • Sponsorship per mile: your friends, mad with jealousy as they probably are, will be much more willing to fork out if they’re invested in your journey. We’ve found “per mile” funding to be one of the best methods out there.

  • Take a bucket round buttery: people always have loose change

  • Busk

  • Get your page out there on facebook, you’ll be surprised how generous friends and family are!



Cambridge RAG

Cambridge RAG is the largest student charity fundraising society in the University of Cambridge. Every year, RAG raises money for a number of local and national/international charitable causes through various fundraising events and initiatives. Some of our biggest events include our celebrated Jailbreak hitchhike and Blind Date events to name but a few.
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