Varsity LOST 2017: How will YOU get home?

LOST is back, and soon an army of Oxbridge students will be racing to make it back to their respective universities from an exciting mystery location somewhere in the UK, with the usual caveats: don't spend any of your own money, and get home within 24 hours. Play your cards right and you could walk away with any one of a spectacular array of prizes.

Want to raise some money for charity and show the Other Place who's boss? Then LOST is for you - join us on Saturday 4th November for an adrenalin-filled 24 hours completing an array of wacky challenges and experiencing life outside the Cambridge bubble.

Last year saw upwards of 100 Cambridge students raise over £17,000 for our registered charities, and this year we're pushing to raise even more for some great causes (which can be found here), and hopefully show Oxford who's boss in the process.

Please give generously to our teams, or get involved yourself, and we can raise shedloads of money for charity!

Want to get involved?

Sign-ups close on October 20th, so SIGN UP TODAY by clicking here! 

Cambridge RAG

Cambridge RAG is the largest student charity fundraising society in the University of Cambridge. Every year, RAG raises money for a number of local and national/international charitable causes through various fundraising events and initiatives. Some of our biggest events include our celebrated Jailbreak hitchhike and Blind Date events to name but a few.
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