This year, Jailbreak is changing! We are bringing you brand new rules in order to maximise the amount that the event raises for charity on the day. Gone are the days of shamelessly collecting money on the streets in order to bag a free pair of flights. This year, only 50% of the money raised during the event itself can be used on transport, with the other 50% being donated straight to charity. In addition, teams will be challenged to raise money through more inventive and creative methods. 

That is only part of the story, though. This year, RAG's LOST raised upwards of £12,000 for RAG's 10 charities through sponsorship and we hope to at least match this. Individual team pages can be found here and they all need your support to help raise as much as possible!

Cambridge RAG

Cambridge RAG is the largest student charity fundraising society in the University of Cambridge. Every year, RAG raises money for a number of local and national/international charitable causes through various fundraising events and initiatives. Some of our biggest events include our celebrated Jailbreak hitchhike and Blind Date events to name but a few.

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